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Magician, Bill Packard, takes his magic to the students at
Drew Court Learning Center.

HIPPY Word of the Week – 10/13 – picture

Title                                                                                                                  Author                                                        Call #

Picture This . . .                                                                                          Alison Jay                                                    EF  JAY

A Picture for Harold’s Room; A Purple Crayon Adventure              Crockett Johnson                                       EF  JOH

A Picture Book of Harry Houdini                                                           David Adler                                                 EB  HOU

Patrick Paints a Picture                                                                             Saviour Pirotta                                           EF  PIR

Mother Goose Picture Puzzles                                                                 Will Hillenbrand                                        E  398.8  HIL

Max and the Dumb Flower Picture                                                         Martha Alexander                                     EF  ALE

The Day the Picture Man Came                                                               Faye Gibbons                                              EF  GIB




Bridges Schedule       4:15-4:55 pm

Myths Out Loud

Aug 25 – The Origin of the Seasons

Sept 8 – The Origin of the Seasons

Sept 22 – Pandora’s Box

Oct 13 – Pandora’s Box

Oct 27 – Jason and the Golden Fleece

Nov 10 – Jason and the Golden Fleece

Nov 17 – Arachne, the Weaver

Dec 8 – Christmas Program

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