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Magician, Bill Packard, takes his magic to the students at
Drew Court Learning Center.

HIPPY Word of the Week – 1/26

Title                                                                    Author                                  Call #

The Biggest Fish                                                Keenan, Sheila                      E F KEE

The Biggest Fish in the Lake                           Carney, Margaret                 E F CAR

The Birthday Fish                                             Yaccarino, Dan                     E F YAC

The Copycat Fish                                               Donovan, Gail                       E F DON

Fidgety Fish                                                        Galloway, Ruth                     E F GAL

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On           Ehlert, Lois                            E F EHL

Fish Had a Wish                                                Garland, Michael                  E F GAR

Fish is Fish                                                         Lionni, Leo                            E F LIO

A Fish Named Spot                                           Goldfinger, Jennifer             E F GOL




Bridges Schedule       4:15-4:55 pm

Crazy Fads of the Decades!

January 12 &26- Crazy Fads of the 1950’s

February 9 & 23- Crazy Fads of the 1960’s

March 8 & 15- Crazy Fads of the 1970’s

April 12 & 26- Crazy Fads of the 1980’s

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