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“Food Dudes”

From crunchy cereal to chunky ice cream, the foods we all love were created by Food Dudes! This series unwraps the facts behind these tasty concoctions and their talented creators. Kids will get the scoop on each food pro’s childhood, education, early career, and climb to the top! Easy-to-read text accompanied by full-color and historic photos will leave readers hungry for more. Extra morsels like a timeline and a sidebar add to the fun. So pull up a chair and dig in to Food Dudes!



Describes the early lives of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company, explains how they built their business, and discusses their later life and the causes they support




Describes the early life of Ray Kroc, the businessman who turned McDonald’s restaurants into an international chain, explains how he built the business, and discusses his  later life and the charities he supported.





Brief biography of Robert Cade the inventor of Gatorade, the first sports drink.





Follow Hershey’s success story from his apprenticeship at Royer’s Ice Cream Parlor and Garden to his establishment of the Lancaster Caramel Company. Hershey’s discovery of chocolate and determined creation of the Hershey bar also highlighted. Engaging text familiarizes readers with topics of interest including the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania, and the Milton Hershey School. An entertaining sidebar, a helpful timeline, a glossary, and an index, supplement the historical and color photos showcased in this biography.



Describes the early lives of Frank C. Mars and his son, Forrest, the men behind Mars candies, explains how they built their business, and discusses their later lives and the other products the company sells





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