Presented by Bettye Lessley:

Roy Culberson
Sylacauga Boy Pall-Bearer to President

When the news reels of the funeral of President Roosevelt were flashed on the screen and later when copies of Life magazine came out, Sgt. Major Roy Culberson was recognized by his family and friends. The pall-bearers for the president were chosen two from each of the armed services of the United States, Roy Culberson was one. This was not only a distinct honor for Roy but a great honor for Sylacauga, his home town.

Roy Culberson graduated from Sylacauga High School in 1937 and enlisted in the Marine Corps in October, 1938. He was sent to the Pacific Theatre of War in the spring of 1942. He is a veteran of Guadalcanal and wears four major battle stars. After the grim experience of Guadalcanal he had a severe attack of typhus fever and was in the hospital in New Guinea and Australia for many months.

Ref: “Sgt. Roy Culberson In News Reel” Sylacauga News Thursday, May 10, 1945
Picture Ref: Sylacauga News Thursday, May 17, 1945

Mrs. Mary Gwathney, highlighted, had six sons who fought in World War II. Three surviving sons shown below live in the Sylacauga area.

Left to right: #13 William F. Gwathney, #17 Homer Gwathney and #15 Walter E. Gwathney