Record regarding the West half of the Northeast quarter of Section 29, Township 21, Range 4 East within the city limits of Sylacauga, Alabama.   The location of what is known as the Big Blue Spring.  Tract Book Reference: Talladega County Deed Book 88, page 367.  Certificate No. 321.

Deed, The United States of America.

Whereas Micajah B. Casey , assignee of Hardy Clements, has deposited in  The General Land Office of the United States a certificate of the Registers of the Land Office at Mardisville, whereby it appears that full payment has been made by said Hardy Clements according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 24th  for the West half of the Northeast quarter of Section 29, Township 21, Range 4 East in District of Lands subject to sale at Mardisville, Alabama, containing 79 acres and ninety-four hundreds of an acre, according to the official plot of the survey of the said lands returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been purchased by said Hardy Clements.  Now, know ye, etc, United States of America in consideration, etc. grant to Micajah B. Casey and to his heirs, the said tract above described.

I, Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, cause Letters to be made Patent.

WASHINGTON. 20th day of October 1835.

Department Int. Washington, D. C. March 6th 1929. Certified

Filed  in Talladega Talladega County Alabama March 11,1929.

Certified by E. A. Hammett.

On August 6, 1838, Micajah Casey sold this property to Joshua Oden for $1200.00.

Tall.Co. Deed Book B, page 445.

Andrew Jackson is said to have watered his horses here.

The Big Blue Spring is not there any more, but its location  can still be found a few yards  north of Tenth Street on the right side of Broadway Avenue.  It is now a small ditch with rocks and small pieces of marble imbedded in it on each side.  This property was later named Noble Park.