Presented by Bettye Lessley:

Many years ago articles of marble were displayed in the windows of the businesses in Sylacauga. Most of these items were for sale, but occasionally there would be a special creation by one of the area’s talented sculptors.

One example of this was published in The Sylacauga News on Thursday, March 15, 1917.

The article is printed below.

“A Masterpiece by Local Sculptor”

T. A. Williamson is displaying in the show window of his jewelry store a magnificent piece of workmanship by a local sculptor. It is a beautiful clock carved from ‘White Alabama Marble’ from the local quarry, by Mr. C. Boni, whose skill and love of the art have brought forth many beautiful creations at the local quarry and which have established quite a reputation for him. Sylacauga has been treated to a number of exhibitions of his skill, which is truly wonderful, and to this latest specimen of his handiwork adds another triumph to his list.”

Mr Claudio Boni was a native of Italy and had been in this country about fourteen years. He worked for Moretti-Harrah Marble Company.

Mr. Boni was killed instantly on July 2, 1918, in what The Sylacauga News described as “one of the most deplorable accidents in the history of the marble industry.” Mr. Boni was superintending the raising of marble from the quarry. The derrick, which was being used, suddenly turned, striking a guy wire which released a piece of timber 6 X 8. This timber struck Mr. Boni’s head, causing his death.

Mr. Boni had been here about ten years and had won the esteem of all who knew him. He had made himself a very valuable man to the marble company where he worked. He was a sculptor of note, having done some of the famous marble work in the country.

Mr. Boni was a member of the Catholic Church. Funeral services were held at the Marble City Cemetery in Sylacauga. He was survived by his wife and two sons. Mrs. Boni and son, Gino, lived at the quarry, and the oldest son, John, was with the Italian Red Army on the Italian front.