Presented by Bettye Lessley:

Sylacauga is one of the oldest settlements in east Alabama. After the Indian wars of 1812, 1813 and 1814, many of Coffee’s and Jackson’s militia settled in Sylacauga, which is located in southeast Talladega County, Alabama. Talladega County was established in 1932, but the earliest date to legally own land here was 1834.

Claiming land in Sections 29, 30, 3l and 32, Township 21, Range 4 East, from 1834 to 1836 were: David Rippetoe, Hardy Clement, William F. Lapsley, James Lindsey, Elisha C. Wilson, Robert Fulton, James F. Johns, (Assessee), Floyd C. Goodgame, Micajah Tarver, John Mahan, Eli M. Driver, Edmond King, (Assessee) Jesse Winston Garth, Hugh Shepherd Darby, James M. Stone, David Allen, Everett Smith, James Allums, William Cottingham, Isaac Echols, Lewis C. Sims, William Overman, John Jackson, Green R. Rowland, Joseph B. Cleveland, Robert Wilson, Benjamin Stringfellow, John Bulger, George W. Stone and David Lindsey. Reference: Talladega County , Alabama Tract Book, also referred to as The Land Ledger.

A few of the men who claimed land here were known as “speculators,” and may have never lived here. Some of them actually lived in Coosa County, Alabama, and others later left Alabama and moved to other states.

Many of the men who settled here brought their families and lived among the Indians until 1836, when the Indians were moved west.

Researching early deeds, estates and wills provided names of other men who were in the Sylacauga area before 1840. They were: William Booker, John Calfee, Micajah B. Casey, Charles Cottingham, B. H. Crawford, William Cunningham, Solomon W. Dunn, Preston Franklin, Henry Gibson, David A. Griffin, William Graham, A. G. Hallmark, James Hamilton, Josiah H. Hill, Benjamin James, James F. Johns, George W. Johnson, Elisha Lambert, Benjamin McClung, Joseph McClung, Thomas McGuire, Norman McQueen, John Malone, Hugh A. Masters, Alexander Oden, Joshua Oden, Jesse Parker, Allison Ramsey, A. G. Rippetoe, Dr. Albert Harrison Rippetoe, Mark K. Ryan, David Scott, John M. Sims, John G. Smith, Patrick Smith, Walker Reynolds, William Rowe, James M. Stone, Benjamin Stringfellow, Henry Stringfellow, John Stubblefield, William T. Stubblefield, Jesse Taylor, James M. Waynne, Daniel Wilson, Elisha C. Wilson, Lemuel Washington Wilson, William C. Wilson.