One of Sylacauga’s Oldest Industries Concern is of Material Aid to Farmers, Operate Modern Gin, Purchase Cotton Seed and Distribute Scoco Fertilizers over Trade Area.

One of the oldest industries in the city of Sylacauga is the Southern Cotton Oil Company, which concern operates 50 plants over the State of Alabama and the South.

For almost 25 years this concern has operated the Sylacauga Plant and has been of inestimable value to the city and farmers throughout this section.

Operating a modern 4-80 Saw Munger Gin with a capacity of five bales per hour the farmer’s problem of ginning is solved.

The Company makes it a point to see that only the highest class and most efficient mechanics are employed to handle the important work of the Southern Cotton Oil Gin.  This assures the very best ginning and expedites this work during the busy cotton season.

In connection with the gin the Southern Cotton OIL Company operates theCotton Oil Mill, which has a crushing capacity of 40 tons of seed daily.  In this plant are manufactured crude cotton seed oil, cotton seed meal, hulls, linters and fibre.  The meal and hulls are sold locally and over the entire area covered by the concern.  This offers the consumer of such products an opportunity to secure the finest meanls and hulls at all times.