Sunday I drove over every side street in Sylacauga said Mr. F. W. Scott of the Sylacauga Dry Goods Company.  The first time I have visited many of them in years, and it was interesting to run my mind back through the years as I noted the many changes that have taken place since 1906 when I first came here to work for Pearson and Thomas, one of the largest general merchandise firms in the city.  They used the building now occupied by the Mathews Tire Company and the one next to it, doing a general business in dry goods, clothing, furniture, feed and a little of everything. I am not so old but Sylacauga has grown so fast.  I lived near the present Tom Wood home and some of my neighbors were Eugene Smith, Demp Johnson and several more.  There were not many houses in that part of town then.  There was nothing south of the old McDowell home (See Note below) on Broadway and the Presbyterian church on Norton.  I mean by nothing, just farms and woods. A pasture had its opening at the present location of the Thomas home.  A Negro church stood on the site of the present home of Mrs. Eugene Smith.  The Methodist Church was near the rear of the present parsonage and faced east while the parsonage was on the present site of the church.  A new frame Baptist Church had just been erected on the present site of that church and the old one was standing in the rear of it.  No stores were on the business block where the city office is now located, and only one on the west side of the same block  There were two vacant lots where the Palace Drug Store is now located.  The Central Mill was in operation with a frog pond where the Eva Jane now stands.

The Sylacauga News. March 17, 1933.

NOTE: This was an error by the writer.  This should have read “The old McDonald home.”  BRL