Christmas Trivia

  1. Little girls with $1.00 a week allowances had three good Five and Dimes in which to shop in the 1950’s. Can you name them?
  2. In what Yankee newspaper was the “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” letter published and guess what year? A bonus if you know the writer’s name who replied.
  3. Where in Sylacauga could you buy Christmas greenery including mistletoe, a cedar tree, and also pecans, oranges and minnows?
  4. What men’s store was very “deer” in the 1950’s.
  5. What dry goods’ store located across from the current B.B. Comer Library would Sherlock Holmes have adored?
  6. What 5 dress shops in Sylacauga were named ladies’ first names? They were great places to meet friends and Christmas shop.
  7. For those special Christmas gifts a visit to Jack or Joe or Frank might be in order. What kind of shop did these fellows operate?
  8. No time for Christmas baking you could always get Christmas pies, cakes, or cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast , freshly baked from _________ _____________.
  9. Once the Christmas lights were strung across the streets in zig zag fashion and were turned on when?
  10. What gift did Avondale Mills give their employees every year at Christmas?
  11. What was the name of the store that had a milliner to make any lady a Christmas (or any other kind) of hat? Do you remember the milliner”s name? There was also a Peggy Lory Hat Shop at Johnston Department Store. That was before my time!!!
  12.  For a cup of coffee and a sweet roll while shopping you might be reluctant to go into the air stream trailer across from the old post office run by Mr. Hurst. Do you remember the name of that restaurant?
  13. In 1966 Boris Karloff’s voice made Dr. Seuss’ story come alive for television. Do you remember the name of that story?
  14. What grocery store in the 1950’s sold Ann Page products and chocolate covered cherries at Christmas for $.59 a box? Do you remember the “flocked” Christmas trees they sold?
  15. Who became famous for his hit song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?” It sold 2.5 million records in 1949 and was the #1 hit in 1950 also
  16. For what department store was the story of Rudolph created and who created it?
  17. Name the 1946 movie starring James Stewart and Donna Reed that has become a Christmas classic.
  18. If you wanted to do “on line” shopping in those days it would be “on the air” shopping from what local radio show?
  19. Two popular druggists also had their store packed full of Christmas gift ideas. Dr. Rob and Dr. John worked at what drug store?