“Writing Our Lives”

“Brown Bag” Series…Coming in the fall of ’05…

Refreshments at 11:00 and programs at 12:00 noon at the Comer Library!

Hardy Jackson, Remembering the Great Depression, 9-21-05

Alan Grady, The Tragedy That Helped Clean up a Town”, 9-28-05

Tom Whatley, “Western Stories from a Baptist Preacher,” 10-5-05

Robert Halli, Songs that Endure: Alabama’s Rich Folksong Tradition, 10-12-05

Norman McMillan, Triumph of the Human Spirit, 10-19-05

Linda Newby Stephan, The Greatest Assets Aren’t on the Balance Sheet! 10-26-05

Landon Thomas, Tiger Tales from the ’80’s, 11-02-05

Frye Gaillard, Courageous People Reach for the Stars, 11-9-05

Leah Atkins, What Our Fourth Graders need to Know about Alabama History, 11-16-05

Wayne Flynt, Alabama’s Triumphs & Failures, 11-30-05