Accredited Online Colleges and Universities

Chances are, if you are considering higher education in this day and age, you have encountered just as many online learning options as traditional programs throughout your research. As college-age students are among the most adept at using technology for nearly every other aspect of their daily lives, it only makes sense that accredited online colleges would ramp up distance education efforts geared toward this demographic. Online programs have become increasingly diverse and have continued to gain respect among educational institutions in recent years. A 2015 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group concluded that the number of higher education students taking at least one distance education course increased by 3.9% since the previous year, especially at private non-profit institutions.

As schools and students embrace the idea of online learning, more and more employers are following suit; programs do not differentiate between degrees awarded by online accredited colleges and traditional campus universities. Just like degrees completed on campus, online programs offer access to the same high-quality instructors, resources, and course materials, but with the added convenience of flexible scheduling that allows students to meet their work and family obligations uninterrupted. Graduates of accredited online universities are eligible for the same top career opportunities and increased salaries as their campus counterparts, in any field or discipline.